Use Clean Energy, Earn Crypto.

Powerplay enables you to reduce your energy bills by rewarding you with crypto for using energy when its cheaper and greener. Our mission is to empower the transition to web3 and fight climate change.

We’re opening our limited beta very soon. 


Three Pillars


We believe in Blockchain

The future is decentralised, transparent, community-lead and enables users to live autonomously. Our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of web3 technology, starting by introducing blockchain rewards to the Australian residential energy market. 


Increasing Renewable Energy

You are rewarded with our token for shifting your energy use to when the sun is shining, the wind is blowing and our renewable energy sources are pumping! 

Switching off when you’re energy’s coming from harmful sources? That’s a PowerPlay.


Crypto Rewards For Using Energy

The platform tracks your energy usage and you are rewarded based on when and how much energy you use. Won $RETA tokens can be moved into the ‘Bill Buster’ smart contract, which generates a power bill discount. The more $RETA in the ‘Bill Buster’ the bigger the discount.


How it works

🕹 Gamification of Energy
PowerPlay is a gamified energy usage platform that rewards consumers with RETA tokens. The platform tracks customer energy usage who are then incentivised and rewarded based on when and how much energy they use. Won RETA tokens can be moved into the ‘Bill Buster’ smart contract which generates a power bill discount. The more RETA in the ‘Bill Buster’ the bigger the discount.

The rules of the game are simple; energy use when wholesale prices are low earns tokens conversely energy use when wholesale prices are high will see you lose tokens. Individual home energy usage, wholesales prices and wholesale price forecasting are the 3 external data sources that drive the mechanics of the game. Our platform will supply all the information required for an engaged customer to optimise usage and to win the most tokens.

The platform is intentionally designed to see the highest rewards go to those who use the highest percentage of renewable energy generation. This model works because wholesale energy pricing is at its lowest when we see abundant renewable energy generation.

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White Paper


Our Creators

A collective of experts in renewable energy and building impactful blockchain technology

Aaron Hilton

Co-Founder & CEO

Aaron has more than 10 years experience in the renewable energy sector. Most of that period spent in the emergent large scale solar sector. He has been a lead innovator and project developer at companies such as Energy Matters, SunEdison and Gem Energy. Aaron has delivered some of the most exciting projects in the Australian market including The Australia Zoo solar project, the winner of the coveted installation and design award for a renewable energy project in Australia.  

Aaron has consistently demonstrated the ability to lead the renewable energy market by understanding new technology first and deploying new value. His ability innovate and to identify emergent opportunity is perfectly suited the opportunity that PowerPlay has before it.  

Dr. Damian Shaw-Williams

Co-Founder & COO

Damian is a finance and energy sector expert with 20 years professional experience in all sides of the energy sector and corporate finance. Damian has led ground breaking research and published widely in energy economics and the energy transition. With experience in providing expert financial analysis and deal evaluation of large scale generation and network investment he has seen how legacy mindsets have held back the energy transition. 

Damian understands the value that can be unlocked for consumers who are willing to help manage energy demand at the network’s edge. He is committed to bringing this unique skill set to deploy PowerPlay’s unique value proposition for members.

Mick Wiedermann

Compliance Officer

Mick Wiedermann is a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of management and finance-related experience. In 2008 he left his role as a Conveyor Belt Technician and started a boutique financial advisory firm which he grew to over 40 employees, winning a Business Review Weekly award in 2011 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Eight years later he sold Corporation U in its entirety and achieved a premium valuation compared to the industry standard. His success was based on a genuine desire to help his customers achieve financial independence and security.

Mick brings a wealth of business experience to the PowerPlay team. He has joined us because he can see the potential for PowerPlay to create a valued and intelligent platform that empowers its community.

Danielle Marie

Community Lead

Danielle is a certified blockchain trainer and assessor, community manager, and founder of She’s Blockchain Savvy. Danielle is passionate about helping savvy people learn about the fun and exciting world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Danielle is the founder of a non-profit association “ALL THINGS BLOCKCHAIN” and a key organizer of Women in Blockchain Queensland is on a mission to elevate, empower, and educate people to be involved in the emerging and disruptive world of digital technology.



DLTx was incorporated in 2019, cementing a long-standing professional relationship between the founders Lucas Cullen (Technical Lead) and Steve Milburn (Commercial Director). Focused on delivering blockchain-based platforms, they now have 19 staff in their Brisbane, Australia office.

With a particular emphasis on DeFi and early start-up solutions, they provide workshops, advisory and consultancy, along with an Agile development team that leverages collective decades of experience in the blockchain sector. DLTx clients and partners also benefit from longstanding, real-world networks developed via a community meetup that has run continuously since 2013, allowing them to access the support required to scale quickly and smoothly.

Strategic partnerships allow DLTx to provide advice on fundraising including tokenomics, launchpads, equity stakes and access to exclusive VC panels. DLTx is an active member of Blockchain Australia.


Where are we going

Phase 1

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💎  Seed-round 2

Phase 2

🖼  Generate NFT Release

🧠  Launch Pad Offering

🚀  Public Launch

Phase 3

🏛  DAO Established

✨  Scale Marketing


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