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Use clean energy. Earn Crypto.

The first cryptocurrency incentive model that makes using renewable energy good for your pocket as well as the environment. No solar panels, batteries or Teslas required to be an energy genius.

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🔗 Built on Polygon
🌏 Led by the community
🏡 Perfect for renters
⚡️ Completely free to join

We're on a mission to help a million people maximise their renewable energy use with cryptocurrency.

How PowerPlay works


Switch to a PowerPlay energy plan

Check to see if PowerPlay is available in your area, then select one of our low cost energy plans.


Play the game

To win use more power when wholesale prices are low and renewable energy is abundant. Get more REMI tokens. Claim your REMI at the end of each monthly game cycle.


Use REMI to pay less for power

REMI tokens can be swapped for other cryptocurrency at any time or move them into the Bill Buster to generate a regular discount

Strategise and optimise your power use

PowerPlay is the first to deliver near real time energy use data from your billing meter into your hands. We also show you the wholesale price of energy and how much renewable energy is in the grid. This all helps you to win the most REMI from your energy use.

PowerPlay Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Whitelist first 500 users get 50,000 bonus tokens on signup

    🌈 50,000 REMI signup bonus

  • Earn tokens by using energy at the right time

  • Monitor your use and forecast energy prices across the day

  • Stake or swap your tokens for a bill reduction

Phase 2

  • V1 launch

  • NFT rewards and energy powerups

  • Community leaderboards and challenges

  • Launch Pad Offering

Phase 3

  • DAO Established

  • Scale Marketing Campaign

  • PowerPlay renewable energy investments

Phase 4

  • Tech Incubator Launch

  • International Expansion

Secure early access to PowerPlay

Become an energy genius and earn crypto on your power bill.

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